WTF Will Employees Want in 2024?

October 11, 2023

We’ve all been shaken by the seismic shifts in the realm of work, and with skilled workers in high demand you could be forgiven for being overwhelmed by the sheer unknowns of the job market post-covid.

As we begin to round out 2023 and set our sights on the future, it’s crucial to reflect on the lessons learned and embrace the ‘new normal’ in the world of work. 

So, what have we learned from the wild ride that was the last few years? Well, it turns out we’re not just in a new era… we’re in a whole new dimension of work, where the rules are made up as we go along.

1. The Quest for Career Advancement

It’s time to make room for career advancement in the limelight. Employees aren’t just in it for the money (but good money is important!), they also want to climb that career ladder. Experienced professionals are eyeing those higher titles and clearer paths to success. To keep your talent pool from leaking, it’s time to throw out the old promotion playbook. Forget about rigid hierarchies; it’s all about career mobility. Fancy specialised, lateral career moves with room to grow? Traditional job hierarchies are so last year!

2. Crafting the Dream Job

In this era, employees don’t want just any job; they want their dream job. They’re no longer satisfied with a cookie-cutter role; they want a say in creating their ideal gig. This is where personalization opportunities come into play, letting workers help mould their job descriptions. And guess what? This leads to the emergence of hybrid roles that dance across job functions. It’s like having a career buffet with a side of innovation.

3. Benefits That Pop

Gone are the days of ho-hum benefits. Employees want perks that align with their 21st-century needs. While on-site meals were once exciting, studies show that healthcare and flexibility benefits are the real head-turners these days. Customised, data-driven approaches to benefits are the way forward. Want to know what your team really craves? Ask them! Surveys, town halls, and some good ol’ data analysis can help you tailor benefits to perfection.

4. The Remote Work Revolution Continues

Remote work isn’t just a trend; it’s the new standard. Some folks would rather work remotely than set foot in the office again. Others have embraced the newfound freedom of location-independent work. For companies still pondering hybrid arrangements, it’s time to get creative. Think outside the office cubicle with job shares, flexible shifts, and making virtual meetings your new best friends.

5. Show Us the Money

In a world where candidates call the shots, wages are on the upswing. Jobseekers are chasing those higher paychecks, even if it means sacrificing the perfect fit. Employers, it’s your turn to shine with competitive compensation packages that make everyone feel like a million bucks.

6. Battling Burnout

Burnout is real, and it’s been making quite the appearance. It’s high time to prioritise the well-being of your workforce, including mental health and family needs. Burnout is like the ghost of workplaces past, haunting employees and causing resignations. Leading companies are stepping up with support for employee well-being. Keep an eye out for those burnout signals like decreased productivity and performance, and take action. A little appreciation can go a long way in boosting morale.

7. The Employee Interviews the Employer

In this job market, candidates are getting picky. They’re not just answering questions; they’re asking them too! From working hours to corporate values, jobseekers are doing the interviewing. Perks that were once considered nice-to-haves are now must-haves. Student loan reimbursements and wellness stipends? You betcha!

As we sail into 2024, remember that the workplace isn’t just evolving… it’s shape-shifting right before our eyes. Those who embrace the change, get creative, and keep their finger on the pulse will thrive in this dynamic landscape.


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