About TMR

Join forces with TMR Recruitment, and let’s embark on a revolution of success and sustainability that leaves a lasting impression on the industry and the planet. 

Ninja Kick

Not your typical recruitment agency

At TMR Recruitment, we’re not your typical recruitment agency.

We’re a collective of nimble ninjas in the corporate arena, mastering the art of the stealthy strike to deliver exceptional talent.

We engage only with those who match our quick-footed respect for talent and the environment. Our commitment is to be the unseen force behind your financial and sustainable triumphs.

Every move we make is calculated, every placement strategic, ensuring our partners are always several steps ahead in the game of business and ecological stewardship. 

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Our Mission

To arm forward-thinking commercial HVACR and manufacturing firms with the sharpest minds in the industry, all while slicing through to NetZero targets with precision and agility.

Our Vision

TMR Recruitment aspires to be the vanguard in the commercial HVACR and manufacturing recruitment landscape, championing a silent revolution where our unmatched expertise in talent acquisition paves the way for sustainable progress Our vision is to create a legacy of environmental and business excellence, quietly transforming the industry and setting new benchmarks for success.  

Core Values




Agility in Adaptation

Like a ninja in the night, we move fast and adapt faster. In the ever-shifting landscape of HVACR, Building Services and Manufacturing, we’re always on our toes, ready to leap into action. We embrace change – it keeps us sharp, savvy, and ahead of the pack.

Precision in Execution

Every move we make is calculated with the precision of a chess grandmaster. We’re not about throwing darts in the dark; we’re about hitting the bullseye every time. Precision is our game, and we play to win.

Innovative Mindset

Think outside the box? We live outside it. Innovation is our bread and butter. Whether it’s cutting-edge recruitment strategies or championing sustainable practices, we’re always cooking up something fresh and exciting.

Sustainable Leadership

We’re not just playing the game; we want to change it. We’re on a mission to arm the industry with eco-savvy talent. We’re here to make a difference, one green step at a time.


Collaborative Excellence

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? We partner with clients, candidates and referral businesses to create a symphony of success. It’s about building relationships, sharing goals, and celebrating victories together.


Integrity and Transparency

Honesty is our policy. We’re all about clear, open communication – no smoke and mirrors. Building trust is important to us, and we do it by being our genuine, transparent selves.

Empowerment through Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and we’re here to empower. Staying ahead of the curve means we’re not just recruiters; we’re advisors, guides, and your go-to source for industry insights.

A haven for pros to level up

Here, your skills won’t be overlooked as our recruiters masterfully match you with suitable roles. Not a place for greenhorns. With ties to top Aussie businesses, we’re scouting for seasoned ninjas eyeing their next challenge. Does that sound like you?

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