Welcome to our recruitment dojo in Australia!

The Hunt Is On
For Great Talent!

Ninja Kick

Why Choose TMR

These days, the industry is hyper-competitive and standing out to great talent isn’t easy. We help candidates see what makes you great, and help align expectations to nail that perfect fit.

Industry Specific

If you’re not in this industry, you don’t get it

Top Quality

Alignment of amazing talent with company

Agile & Adaptive

Be ready to shift gears when the market shifts on you

Our Client Mission 

Top-tier talent isn’t just a goal—it’s a guarantee. Unleash your potential and watch us turn ‘mission impossible’ into your next big success story.

  • Ninja Efficiency:
    We don’t just find candidates; we find right fit. Our ‘arse kicking’ approach ensures your roles are filled with precision, speed, and high impact.

  • No Mission Impossible
    We see recruitment challenges as opportunities. No matter how complex your staffing needs, we turn ‘impossible’ into ‘mission accomplished’


  • Partnership with Purpose
    We’re more than just a service, we’re a strategic ally who seek to understand your business and goals so we can deliver results that truly matter.

How it works


Mission Briefing

Instead of the typical job description review, we initiate a ‘Mission Briefing.’

Here, we delve deeper to understand your organisation’s culture, strategic goals, and the unique challenges the role will tackle.

This isn’t just a job vacancy for us, it’s a mission, and we’re the ninjas you’ve enlisted.


Ninja Talent Hunt

Forget standard candidate searches. At TMR, we embark on a ‘Ninja Talent Hunt.’

Using our ‘kick-arse’ skills, we scour the professional landscape, stealthily identifying and engaging potential candidates who aren’t just qualified but are true game-changers.


The Ninja Match

Our ‘ninja’ recruiters utilise their elite matching skills to ensure a harmonious alignment between the candidate’s aspirations and your company’s goals. But we don’t stop there.

We remain engaged through the onboarding process to ensure a successful mission completion.

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Our mission is to defy expectations, redefine success, and to consistently kick arse to get results – for both our clients and candidates. To meet some of the unique challenges thrown our way I assembled a team of recruitment Ninjas. Want to know more?