Australia needs two million new workers to meet emission reduction targets [Media Release: 1/12/23]

December 1, 2023

MEDIA RELEASE: 1 December 2023

The Clean Energy Council and Energy Efficiency Council have united to address the national skills shortage where two million new workers will be required in Australia to meet emission reduction targets.

Australia’s pathway to a Net Zero future isn’t just about cutting emissions—it’s about supercharging our workforce with green skills faster than a solar-powered sports car off the starting line. So, what does that mean for managers in the manufacturing sector?

Well, we’re talking about a job bonanza where two million new roles will need to be filled by 2050 to keep us on track for Net Zero. Let me say that again. TWO MILLION new roles are needed in Australia by 2050.

And, for the more immediate sprint to 2030 – only seven years away – a cool 200,000 positions are required to achieve 43 percent lower emissions. 

It’s important to note this isn’t just about another drab job post – it’s an employment revolution with a green cape. So much in fact, that the Clean Energy Council and the Energy Efficiency Council have joined forces – like Batman and Superman – launching the Careers for Net Zero campaign. A resource and online career explorer tool for students, graduates and experienced workers, Careers for Net Zero is like having a personal GPS for job seekers navigating the clean economy highway.

Achieving net zero emissions is a big job. Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, or an experienced worker, you’re needed.

Careers for Net Zero

Kane Thornton from the Clean Energy Council paints the picture of a future where upskilling is as common as backyard cricket, suggesting a doubling of the energy workforce faster than you can say ‘Howzat’. Meanwhile, Luke Menzel of the Energy Efficiency Council hints that without immediate action, we might find ourselves ‘bowled out’ in the global reputation stakes and left behind in a more sustainable world.

Amidst the career crusade, a posse of industry, education and community heavyweights are calling on the government to fuel this mission with the urgency of a caffeinated kangaroo. With the global shift to clean energy bringing in millions of new jobs, it’s time for Aussies to grab their training wheels and ride the renewable wave.

Remember, in the race to net zero, every job counts like every run in a cricket match. The pitch is ready, the players are set and the green jobs are waiting. So, let’s play!

Are you with me?

PS. Feel free to refer 2 million job-seekers to me!


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